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To help you find your own path and to be better prepared for a future career, we strongly recommend doing internships while you are still enrolled as a student; and within the BA program in Buddhist and South Asian Studies, we require 180 internship hours. These do not have to be completed in one go, but can be divided into several internships in different professional fields, for example in the periods between semesters.

The informal internship certificate(s) from your employer(s) must include a job description as well as the number of hours completed. It/they must be submitted to the programme coordinator (Studiengangskoordinator) by the beginning of the semester in which you take the compulsory module 'P6: Berufspraxis' (we recommend the 6th semester for this), as the 180 hours account for six of the total of nine ECTS of this module.

The LMU STUDENT UND ARBEITSMARKT office will be happy to advise you on the search for internships in various professional fields. They offer special office hours for internships abroad.

The STUDIENBÜRO of the Faculty for the Study of Culture also provides various kinds of assistance in the search for an internship. The archive of the Praxisabende der Ethnologie, which features short introductions to various professional fields, may also be of help here.

Former students of the Institute of Indology and Tibetology specifically recommend these internship providers in India and Nepal:

  • the Goethe-Institut (called Max Mueller Bhawan in India), e.g. in New Delhi or Bangalore
  • the NGO SIDART in Jaipur, contact: Dr. Pramila Sanjaya ( or
  • as an English teacher at the Daffodil Boarding School in Kathmandu

 One could also consider an internship with a local NGO that focuses on India, such as Indienhilfe Herrsching e.V. or

Yet note that internships are not required to be related to your degree.