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 Opening hours during the Winter Semester:

  • Monday and Tuesday 10am-1pm and 2-5pm
  • Thursday 9am-noon and 2-5pm

Call 089 2180-1803 to speak to the library assistant on duty.

Please note that during the winter semester we will carry out the inventory, so the borrowing of the books is suspended, and access to the library will be affected until its completion. We trust in your cooperation and understanding.



The library currently contains around 18,000 volumes. 19 journals are kept up to date.

The holdings have so far only been partially recorded electronically and are therefore not yet fully accessible via the University Library OPAC. Since 2000, acquisitions have been recorded elctronically. We are currently carrying out the electronic registration of our older holdings.

General Rules

1. Use of the Library

The library is open to students and employees of LMU as well as of external research institutions in South Asian Studies.

A user list is kept by the supervisor on duty. Thus it is necessary to sign in and out with the supervisory staff when entering and leaving the library. Access authorisation (such as your student ID) must be shown on request.

2. Borrowing of Books

In principle, the Institute Library is a reference library; yet books may be borrowed for a period of up to four weeks. A loan slip must be filled out for each book and handed in to the library supervisor.

Books in bad physical condition cannot be borrowed; photocopying such books is only permitted with the prior consent of the library supervisor. Books from the "New Acquisitions" section and books from the semester collections reserved for specific classes (Semesterapparate) may also not be borrowed.

3. Further Information

You will soon be able to find the detailed library regulations here (note: NEW VERSION to come in December 2022).



"Zettelkatalog Schlingloff" Special Collection

The catalogue, which was set up under the direction of Prof. Dr. Dieter Schlingloff, contains around 18,900 articles and monographs from the period between 1834 and 1996 and has been indexed by author and keyword. The keyword catalogue comprises about 67,200 index cards. Articles not already contained in the journals and collected works in the Library are available in photocopied form.

Slide collection

The slide collection currently comprises 3514 images on Indian art, including about 1300 images of the Ajanta paintings. In addition, the collection contains 344 6 x 6 slides exclusively on the Ajanta paintings.

Photo Collection South Asian Art

The Institute owns the "Photo Collection South Asian Art on microfiche" (edited by Huntington/ Dundon). An unpublished, complete table of contents (digitised and annotated by Monika Zin) is available as an aid for use in the Institute.