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Prospective Students

Information for Prospective Students

Are you interested in studying Indology or Tibetology and would like to find out more about us and the subject? Below are some possible starting points for you to explore.

  • Here you can find a general introduction to Indology in Germany on the website (In German.)
  • This is how our former interim chair Roland Steiner describes the historical origins of the subject in Südasien magazine. (In German.)
  • You can listen to relaxed portraits of Indologists from all over the world on the Sanskrit Studies Podcast, hosted by our Sanskrit lecturer Antonia Ruppel. (In English.)
  • For a glimpse of the world of South Asia with its culture and the Urdu/Hindi language, watch a 30-minute video of a language lesson here. (In German.)
  • Here Nima Repper, our Tibetan lecturer, introduces you to the Tibetan script. (In German.)
  • Our new flyer and this poster will give you an overview of our Indology program. 

And last but not least, you can find detailed information about the BA degree 'Buddhist and South Asian Studies' at LMU here. (In German, English version to come.)

Welcome! We look forward to welcoming you and getting to know you better.